NeoFlora – A social media experiment… with a twist!


NEO FLORA – An experiment in social media marketing

As you browse the Internet, read your email or cruise by your local shopping district, you may at some point stumble upon a new pop-up store, a phenomenon that has been increasingly relied upon for extra sales by both big brand names and individuals alike with something unique to sell and as a trend we continue to see it develop into many forms.

At TrendCurrent, we would like to highlight some details about a specific pop-up through a series of postings that will occur over the following weeks and months.

NeoFlora, a pop-up set to open at the end of October in Vancouver, Canada, is about to set the world of floristry on fire!  And yes, that’s right, I said ‘floristry’, an art form that doesn’t seem to get enough publicity in either local or national media.  That being said, NeoFlora is all about changing your perception; the consumer, about what is and is not art in the world of floristry, not only because of its uniqueness as an “art house” pop-up but because as a non-profit all proceeds will be used to further the education of both consumers and designers concerned about the viability of post-modern floristry.

In an interview with Vancouver resident Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, CFD, one of the founders of NeoFlora, she had this to say, “Floristry is truly a misunderstood profession.  From the pure product aspect, flowers are the most attractive commodity on earth but the art of floristry is not given full credit as it is often assumed to be a hobby level profession.  Some of the best work in floristry has never been seen by consumers – they are shown in industry events but never revealed beyond that realm.

It is time to showcase the brilliance of floral talents and share many exciting ideas that we are passionate about with consumers.  We are a fashion industry of sorts, and we are ready to start setting floral fashion trends!!

The first floral POP UP STORE, NeoFlora 20/20 in Vancouver will showcase beautiful new and intriguing varieties of flowers from all over the world.   Color and texture themed displays and merchandise are expected to ‘WOW’ Vancouver for 7 days.  Three Floral Fashion Runway Shows will light up the evenings with amazingly creative work of art.  We are welcoming one and all to Vancouver at the end of October this year.”

NeoFlora is providing a working venue to study the art of designing with botanical products and using social media and viral marketing to draw an audience and ‘get the word out’. In itself this is no big deal there are a lot of businesses using social media but as a non-profit the results are to be shared, not coveted and will be channeled into reports that will be used to shape the course of trends in the floral industry for future generations. As we said in the beginning, NeoFlora’s purpose is about changing the perception of the consumer to show that there is a marked difference between shopping the grocery store and hand crafting a work of art and as we all know, you get what you pay for!

NeoFlora opens in October 2012 in Vancouver, Canada – location still to be determined.  TrendCurrent will keep you posted on the developments!

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